The $1 Billion Dollar Initiative!

The "Blocally" mobile application was created by co-founders, Darnell Clayton and James Wesby to connect consumers with Black localized content. One of the most important areas in the application is our list of local Black-owned businesses. Supporting these businesses should not just be limited to Blacks, but our application is an avenue to promote Black businesses and keep track of your support of those businesses. This application helps raise a level of consciousness towards spending money with Black owned businesses, as well as afford you the opportunity to establish a personal goal, where you can monitor spending.

Research has shown that African Americans have great spending power. It has also been proven that most African Americans are not aware of what they spend, let alone towards Black owned businesses. As the amount of spending approaches $ 1.1 trillion, now is the time to track how much we're spending to support our own businesses! Blocally is a Social Location App, and is the first and only app that will allow users to enter their purchases made at a black-owned business and be able to track those purchases. Our goal is to track $1 Billion worth of purchases within the Blocally mobile application. Users are encouraged to download Blocally, Social Location App, at no cost for iPhone and Android users! After every purchase devoted to black-owned businesses, we ask that you track your purchase and submit your total money spent by tapping the 'Track Purchase' button in the application. Users will be able to view statistics and graphs of their purchasing history in the application. You will also be able to see what businesses your friends and other users in the app are supporting.

Download the app now!

In order to make Blocally Social Location App a world-wide success, we encourage all users of the iPhone to download at no cost, and let's connect to the Black people, places, and in our local area!