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Discover Black People, Black Places & Black Things from your Phone!

Discover what's nearby

Quickly find and support Black-owned businesses nearby. You can search by selecting one of our city guide cities or search for what's around you.

Track your support for Black businesses

Track purchases on the go! Use your mobile phone to keep track of how much money you are spending in the Black community.


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List your business or event in our system and begin interacting with new and existing customers.

View real-time customer stats

See what people are saying about your business, see who's visiting your business page and see who's using your coupons.


Some App Features

  • Discover what's around you

    Instantly connect and share experiences with other users, discover new places, events and good deals around you.

  • Save money

    Blocally features local deals and creative new ways to save money on venues, products and services…

  • Add your favorite businesses and events

    Blocally provides an easy way for you to add, manage and promote your favorite business locations and events in your area.

  • Track purchases

    Enjoy the ability to keep track of how much you are spending in the black community. Add to Blocally's $1 billion dollar campaign today!